ATFX Meets The British Royal Family at Windsor Castle 

Recently, ATFX invited clients and partners from Latin America, Colombia, to embark on a journey to London for a collision of culture and ideas. The team and their guests explored this historic city, visited iconic landmarks, and enjoyed breathtaking views from the London Eye. Meanwhile, they also attended an evening event hosted by the British Royal Family.

ATFX had the privilege of being received by the British Royal Family at several evening events during The Duke of Edinburgh Cup in the UK. This year, ATFX members and clients had the honor of meeting HRH Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, to engage in detailed discussions regarding the upcoming arrangements for The Duke of Edinburgh Cup and other related details.

The Duke of Edinburgh Cup is a sports event originating in the UK, while ATFX is a financial technology company regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Its significant influence and years of development have made ATFX a preferred partner for many companies in the industry, particularly in terms of technology development and business expansion.

ATFX has a local presence in 17 locations across all five continents worldwide, offering services in over 20 languages to cater to local clients. Through exploration, practice, and continuous improvement, we have forged a unique path for our brand, allowing our clients to enjoy an even more efficient and speedy service experience.