So is there a real free forex trading course? With most things you would expect that things which are free are less valuable than things that cost money. This would be true in most cases as human beings are not programmed to do things for free, especially when they can make money with a product they created. Luckily for those of us with a limited budget there is a very good free forex trading course or actually a couple of them.

BabyPips Free Forex Trading Course

BabyPips is the better known of the two courses that we are covering in this article. The course can be found here: and funnily enough more than 60% of courses we have ciome across have based their theoretical section on the BabyPips course. BabyPips have structured their course into small easy to digest sections, perfect for people totally new to the forex trading market.

How to use this Course Effectively

We have done some research to find out from previous students of the course on how to use this free resource most effectively. This is the way we found that is claimed to be the most effective :

  • Preschool & Kindergarten – Cover One Module per Day ( 8 Modules in 8 Days )
  • The rest of the course – Elementary to Graduation should be covered 1 topic a day.

This will take you :

Elementary : 22 Days

Middle School : 20 Days

Summer School : 12 Days

High School : 48 Days

Undergraduate : 126 Days

Graduation: 28 Days

In total you will spend 264 Days completing this course, yes I know this seems long and if you are reading this article you probably want to get started right away. It is of the UTMOST importance that you do not take the educational side lightly. You should learn as much as you possibly can before starting to trade. So take your time and complete this course, it is free and will give you a great overview and perspective of the forex market and all the elements it consists of.

Alternative Free Course

Although not as in-depth as the BabyPips course there is another course that is free and covers price action, a forex analysis strategy, in a unique way. The course can be found here : and it is a good course if you want to focus on price-action only and for most reading this article the plus point is that it is free. This course will take a lot less time than the BabyPips course but is not a replacement for it. The more information you have on any topic the better your understanding should be.

Do Research

The internet is a wonderful place full of free information. BabyPips list the topics discussed and take a view on each topic. Do not stop there, use search engines on every topic you are learning about to get different views and opinions on different strategies and methodologies. Knowledge is power and the more you know the more likely you are to make good decisions when trading the forex market.