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Forex Trading webinars and training material

metatrader 4 setup on desktopLearning the fundamentals of forex trading, becoming familiar with a variety of methods, and developing a solid grasp of the psychology of trading are all greatly aided by a solid education in the currency market.

That’s why educational resources like forex trading webinars exist to begin with. Most brokers that offer free educational resources for their customers also host free webinars. Clients benefit greatly from the webinars because of the information they provide on forex trading.

Through visual demonstration and coaching from industry leaders, they aid traders in locating a wealth of solutions to crucial queries. The great thing about webinars is that anyone, regardless of where they happen to be, may participate. Moreover, there is a wide range of topics covered in free webinars, making them potentially useful for both novice and seasoned traders.

The majority of these courses are self-paced and feature resources including video lectures, webinars, simulated trading platforms, discussion forums, and one-on-one guidance from instructors.

When they feel comfortable doing so, students can put their newly acquired information to use in actual trading.

With this in mind, we explore the best Forex webinars and trading materials offered by leading, regulated Forex brokers.


1.    Khwezi Trade Free Forex Education

Easy steps to trade forex in South AfricaFor anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of foreign exchange trading, Khwezi provides free education.

Risk management, trend and channel analysis, and indicator use are just some of the fundamentals that that the broker’s educational courses are meant to instil in any trader.

Khwezi understands that anyone can learn to trade the Forex market successfully with the correct training and instruction, and so offer a tiered course for beginner, intermediate and advanced Forex traders.

The beginner Forex course from Khwezi Trade includes such pertinent topics as risk management, trend analysis and SR & RIB. Once these fundamental concepts have been covered, traders can then move on to the intermediate course.

Here, intermediate traders will learn how to analyse trendlines, channels and breakout trading, showing students how to draw trendlines, as well as the immensely rewarding breakout trading strategy.

The advanced Forex trading course covers stochastic oscillators, of which there are hundreds available on the Khwezi Trade platform, as well as the MACD oscillator, which gives traders greater insight into the overall strength of a particular trend.

Khwezi Trade also provides a fantastic selection of video tutorials, which include technical information on using the MT4 platform, trading basics, introductions to Forex trading and Forex analysis, candle patterns, risk management and more.



How to install robot on MT4 androidThe seven-day trial at is just the icing on the cake of a comprehensive package that also includes a thorough instructional course, access to expert trading tools, and continuing professional guidance.’s mission is to educate its clientele in the art of currency trading via the website’s exclusive trend-analysis and signal-generation methodology. Professional traders who trade using the same information they teach with reinforce both the knowledge and instruction they provide.

Beginning traders should start with the Trading Academy’s training courses taught by seasoned professionals in the Forex market. More than three hundred and fifty clips are available. The material begins with an introduction to trading and progresses into more advanced, technical topics.

The Trading Room serves as a chat room where students can discuss and demonstrate their trading techniques, helping to reinforce their education.

Also, students can watch live streams of professional traders’ sessions to learn from their strategies and tactics. Members can use our Profit Calculator and Monte Carlo Simulator, two of our exclusive trading tools.


3.    Traders Academy Club

TAC was created by Vladimir Ribakov, a licenced financial technician recognised worldwide, to serve as a comprehensive resource for investors of all skill levels.

The Media Zone provides students with access to hundreds of recorded webinars suitable for both novice and seasoned traders. Live Trading Room recordings are included, as well as recordings of trading simulations and analysis videos.

Vladimir, the instructor, is available around the clock to answer students’ questions and the chat room is always bustling with activity. Weekly live webinars are also provided.

The daily online viewing of live trading sessions is the most well-liked part of the training. Students receive Forex indications and in-depth analysis during the sessions, with each trade recommendation dissected in great detail.


4.    Asia Forex Mentor

Tokyo session time in South AfricaAsia Forex Mentor’s website boasts many grand promises from the company’s creator, but we found consensus on one: his course is one of the most comprehensive option for learning Forex.

There are 26 comprehensive classes in total, each with more than 60 individual topics covered in high-quality internet videos shot in a professional studio. Ezekiel has carefully selected examples and provided his own views for each session.

The Golden Eye Group is another great private programme that members have access to for a fee. Insiders can watch live streaming of Ezekiel’s weekly market analysis, in which he explains and interprets trading setups and shares his trading strategies.


5.    Daily Forex Academy

An internationally renowned expert in the foreign exchange market (FX) conceived and funded the development of FX Academy, which features content produced by some of the industry’s most respected traders and is available at no cost to traders of any skill level.

Established in 2016, FX Academy is an initiative of, a reputable and authoritative Forex website that has been publishing daily Forex news and analysis since 2006.

The aim of FX Academy is to equip traders of all experience levels with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in the Forex market.

There are 15 different courses available at FX Academy, covering everything from an introduction to forex to advanced trading strategies. An animated film, some reading, and several tests make up each lesson. Students can work through the material at their own leisure, as the course is self-paced.

The organisation also offers Strategy Simulations, which replicate real-world market scenarios and trading scenarios so that students can learn by doing.

FX Academy’s library of instructional resources and trading tools is available to you at no cost. Your time is the only thing required of you. However, you won’t get the personalised attention from a tutor or the ability to practise in a real-time trading room that you would in a paid course.


6.    Six Figure Capital

Deposit vs No deposit bonusSix Figure Capital’s 14-day course packs a large amount of information into its material without overwhelming you, making it ideal for beginner to intermediate traders who seek a total immersion experience in learning to trade.

Participants of the 14-day course can expect to master the basics of trading as well as advanced strategies in a condensed time frame. There are 19 films total, one for each day of the two-week period.

 To help students learn by doing, the course incorporates live trading sessions. Also included are supplementary resources like electronic books and Excel spreadsheets.

Six Figure Capital also provides a Slack channel where novice and seasoned traders can talk to one another and share their thoughts and findings.

In order to learn how to trade with Six Figure’s unique harmonic pattern software, students must first finish the 14-day foundational course. The 14-day programme automatically includes this class.

Both payment options grant students unlimited access to all available courses and resources forever, as well as free lifetime updates and customer service.


Why Forex education matters

Before investing time, energy, and money into online forex trading, it’s crucial for new traders to have a firm grasp on the basics of what it entails. Trading foreign exchange (Forex) online is the practise of executing trades in currency pairs via an online forex broker.

Forex tradinf refers to the practise of buying and selling a currency pair for the purpose of making a profit from fluctuations in exchange rates. Exchange rate fluctuations are the source of Forex trading’s profit potential.

Since there is no centralised market for currency, all transactions take place electronically, over-the-counter, through our website or mobile app. Trading is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

If you want to trade professionally, you should probably enrol in a solid Forex trading course. Before spending a lot of money on a trading school, you can get more out of your time by taking advantage of one of the many free online courses available to get you up to speed, such as those available from Khwezi Trade.


Is Forex trading for me?

Forex Chart PatternsPeople interested in making extra money at home find forex to be appealing.

Forex trading has several benefits, including cheap capital requirements and simplicity of entry into the market, for those who are ready and able to dedicate themselves to studying the ins and outs of it. It does provide the chance to make money, either part-time or as a career, for those with a strong knowledge base and the capacity to control their emotions.

You might be a good fit for Forex trading if you have the necessary education and expertise, as well as the perseverance and self-control to learn from your failures.

However, forex trading might become a losing nightmare if you don’t have the time or desire to dedicate to a rigorous learning process.

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