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10 Best FSCA Regulated Forex Brokers in South Africa

Frequently Asked Questions

Some offer ZAR accounts, but not all. FSCA-regulated brokers who are headquartered in South Africa tend to offer ZAR accounts with South African banks, but international forex brokers who have FSCA regulation will not always offer ZAR-denominated trading accounts.

Yes, if the regulation of the forex broker has been verified on the FSCA’s official website, these brokers can be trusted. However, keep an eye out for any warnings issued by the FSCA about brokers.

Several brokers, both local and international, have FSCA regulation and the brokers on this list are some of the best.

Yes, as a South African trader you should consider trading with an FSCA-regulated forex broker to ensure that you are covered and that your funds are safe.

The FSCA is a governing body and competent regulatory authority in South Africa that oversees the financial markets in South Africa, including the forex market.